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Thymus 'Silver Posie'

Thymus 'Silver Posie'
Thymus 'Silver Posie' Thymus 'Silver Posie'
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This charming thyme is as pretty as it is useful in the kitchen. It has silver-margined, aromatic leaves, which are complemented by pinky-purple flowers in late spring and early summer. To keep the plant compact, trim it back after flowering. All the culinary uses for Silver Posie thyme are exactly the same as for common thyme and it can be used as a substitute in any recipes. Thyme is essential, used in french cuisine and is one of the ingredients of a traditional bouquet garni along with parsley, bay leaves and sometimes rosemary. Thyme is mostly used in marinades, stews and stuffings, but can also in soups, salads and vegetable dishes, but sparingly so that the strong flavour does not overpower. It is particularly good with aubergines, mushrooms, courgettes and mediterranean bean dishes.

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