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Cypripedium 'Kentucky Maxi'

Cypripedium 'Kentucky Maxi'
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Hardy multi-stemmed garden orchid.  Prefer a sheltered and shady spot. However, they love the morning sun. A north wall is a good spot, but orchids also perform well in a border with shade from trees and bushes. They like a sandy soil. When planting, pour water in to the hole to make the soil moist. If necessary, make the structure of the soil around the hole somewhat looser with sand or clay granulate. Take care in the first year not to let it dry out. After flowering, the plant makes new shoots.  After the leaves have died the old foliage can be cut back to 5 cm above the earth. Please take care that you do not damage the new shoots when removing the old leaves or when weeding. Do not cover the plant with peat; matting up with some old leaves is fine. settles in its new spot.  Be aware to cover with a large upturned pot if frost is predicted in the first year, remove it in the morning. 


The orchid does not like much fertilizer. If you want to fertilize, then use a quarter of the prescribed quantity and preferably, a slow-release fertilizer in spring, when the shoots start growing.

Height: 30-60cm.  Flowers: May-June.  Flower size:  Extra large

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